7 Ways to Naturally Improve your Heart Health

In honor of National Heart Health month, and Valentines Day, here are 7 ways to naturally protect your heart, reduce overall inflammation and live a longer, healthier life!

1) Eat more fruits and veggies

Instead of eating processed carbohydrates, add some healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet (did someone say antioxidants?)

2) Embrace healthy fats

This may seem counter intuitive, but you need to eat fat to lower cholesterol, body inflammation and help your heart! Healthy fats nourish, lubricate, and coat the little cuts to repair blood vessels and decrease internal inflammation. Aim for a healthy fat source at each meal! Steer clear of “fat-free” products!

Healthy fat ideas: nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, butter, olive oil

3) Ditch body inflammation

Keep your gut healthy, get checked for food allergies, prevent chronic infections, and reduce toxins in home products as much as possible. Your gut holds 60-70% of your immune keeping this healthy is a good idea! Read this post for more info

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4) Eat balanced meals (protein, fats and carbohydrates)

Aim for a healthy protein, carb and fat at each meal. This will not only balance your brain to prevent cravings, but will also help your metabolism (and heart) to keep pumping!

5) Take a chill pill

Remove stress from your life as much as you can. Did you know stress increases your blood pressure, causes damage to your arteries, causes irregular heart rhthms and weakens your immune system? YIKES! Be kind to your heart by taking a few min each day to practice stress management.

Some things that may work for you: yoga, journaling, deep breathing, prayer, meditation, walking, walking to a friend, stepping outside for a few minutes…

6) Supplement your heart

– Probiotics (at least 15 billion live organisms)

– L-Glutamine

-Fish Oil

-Vitamin D



-CoQ10: a heart protective antioxidant that produces energy for every cell in our body. The heart contains the highest amount of CoQ10, and statin drugs deplete your body of this important antioxidant. If you’re taking  a statin–at minimum supplement with CoQ10@

All of these will help heal any existing inflammation. All of these supplements heal inflammation by healing your gut first.

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7) Get your heart pumpin’!

This doesn’t mean running a marathon or participating in an Ironman training program. However, doing something each day to stay active is great for your heart, metabolism, mood, and even stress level. Research shows it may even be better for your heart to do shorter, more efficient workouts such as interval training, HIIT training, Crossfit, or bootcamp.