Kombucha- How to Brew

If you havent read my post on why you should drink kombucha…start here! Do you love Kombucha, but yet do not want to spend $4 a bottle at the store? Read below for Kombucha- How to Brew right in the comfort of your own home! I have been brewing my own Kombucha at home for a few months now, and not only is it more cost effective…its actually easy! Kombucha is a fermented tea that has actually been around for centuries. Kombucha is high in B-vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, and glucaric acid. Kombucha also helps with:

  • liver detoxification
  • improved pancreas function (say no to diabetes!)
  • increased energy (who doesn’t need more energy?)
  • better digestion (everyone needs this too!)
  • alleviation of anxiety and depression (Wahoo!)
  • kills yeast overgrowth
  • helps nutrient absorption and transportation

I thought Kombucha had sugar added to it, should I avoid it?

No! Although Kombucha is brewed from sweetened tea, most of the sugar ferments out, so it has minimal effect on blood sugar. It can be made with caffeinated or decaf tea, and even with green tea or herbal teas (I usually use black tea). The Kombucha is brewed with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Yeast and Bacteria) that “eats” the sugars in the sweetened tea and creates an acidic, vitamin and probiotic rich beverage (Sounds great, right?!).

Where Do I Get a SCOBY?

  • From someone you know who already has one brewing; each time you make a batch you get a fresh new SCOBY (Fort Worth friends you are in luck!)
  • Online source. Be careful and make sure it is a reputable source! I like these