The 6 Best Star Nail Designs

The modern polish systems are well known for their exquisite and unique results. When you visit the usual wholesale nail supplies store, make sure that you go for the product to give results that you are comfortable with. It does not matter if you prefer acrylics, gels, or dipping powder systems. All you need to know is that there are some star nail designs that you should not miss.

Top Star Nail Designs

Bejeweled Star Nails

Bejeweled nails are some of the best nail designs in the beauty industry. They give you the sparkle that you desire and the chicest look. They are made so that the traditional nude mani is improved to provide the middle of the fingers an oversized look that gives them a unique drama. You get this effect by spreading the glittering orb beyond the nail tips. For maximum brilliance, large jewels are then applied on top.

Black Minimalist Star Nails

This design is one of the most elegant where the pairs of stars are designed on a nude manicure using a classic black. This minimalist design can be worn on every event as it looks smart for all seasons, and it can be easily replicated. A perfect finish can be achieved by acquiring a set of stickers that you can organically paint on the nails or create stencils. The shapes are then superimposed across the nail tips. If you are more interested in a natural effect, you can go for a clear polish or neutral base color.

Chrome and Gold Star Manicure

As technology becomes futuristic, we also have a futuristic manicure for you. Chrome and gold star manicure has an haute couture twist that makes you feel like you are from a faraway galaxy. All you need is to apply a metallic base and superimpose some blindingly elegant stars on its top. This design is the best for a night out or summer date. It does not matter your nails’ length, but this is the design that you need to improve your outfit and long trendy for a very long time.

Crescent and Star Manicure

If you are looking for award-winning nail design, then this is it. The style can be worn by everyone all the time, as it is always tending and chic. On the nail beds’ crescent, sprinkle a half-moon and stars. This way, your fingertips will be elongated, and the classic manicure will be given a touch of sparkle. You should begin by painting the nail tips with a soft, muted color and paint the moon with a white or cream hue. Then the distinct shapes should be lined using a glitter polish for the best results.

Gold Star Nails

This design is for those who fancy a golden look. To achieve it, you begin with a clear or nude base. Then four to 6 small stars are placed along each of the fingertips’ sides. The design is simple, and users do not need to use complicated processes to achieve it. The design is the best option when elevating the natural nail beds is required. It is also excellent for people with short nails.

Holographic Blue Star Nails

Star shapes and holographic colors are the most trending nail arts. You can achieve what seems to be a clear night sky from the transformation of water droplets. However, those who love to be entranced with art are not suited for this design. Across the fingertips, the metallic artwork is placed to recreate the look. The negative spaces should then be filled using the same polish by adding tiny dots. This helps to complete the design. Hand movements lead to the observed changes in the hue as the light strikes it.

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If you have been wondering which is the best manicure design that you should try out this year, well, we have something that fits you every day on every occasion all year round. Star nail designs are some of the best designs in the market that can be created using gels, acrylic, and dipping powder systems. Whichever you choose, make sure that it perfectly meets your needs. This article has made your research work easier by compiling some of the world’s best star nail designs that can suit everyone. All you need is the courage and the willingness to try something new. This time around, do not let a specific company dictate what you want. Just go for the design of your choice, and you will not regret it.