6 Tips to Create the Best Makeup Looks for Dark Skin

Do you struggle to find the right makeup guide for dark skin? The biggest problem a person with dark skin deals with is finding the best makeup information from the internet since most tutorials are created for fair-skin tone. In this article, we will share the best makeup tips for dark skin tone and how to look naturally beautiful.

6 Tips Makeup for Dark Skin

Choosing the right makeup products and following the best makeup tutorial can flatter the look of dark skin and make them more appealing to everyone. We will help pick the best product to complement the skin tone.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Prep Your Skin

Before applying makeup, it is extremely important to clean the face. You need to take a few drops of a cleanser and apply it to the face. Remove any traces of dirt, oil, and makeup using a cotton pad. Gently clean the spot under the eyes since it gathers all the dirt and makeup residues.

Use a non-greasy moisturizer to hydrate and nourish the skin. You need to apply lip balm so that it gets absorbed to create softer lips before applying makeup.

Begin with Primer

You should choose to use the best primers for dark skin. Yellow and orange primers are a good option for people who have darker skin tones than medium skin. However, you might need to choose a perfect color primer to match the darker skin tone.

Primer is not a must-have makeup product. Those who have dry skin should avoid using this makeup product. Although you can skip using this product, it is best to hide the appearance of lines and pores. It is best to apply a primer in minimal amounts only on oily parts of the face.

Choose the Right Foundation

Choose a foundation with a shade of orange undertones since it will complement the appeal of dark skin. However, always pick a shade lighter than natural skin since most foundations become a bit darker shade after getting oxidized.

You must also avoid picking a shade that doesn’t come close to natural skin since it will give an unnatural look that will be obvious from a distance.

Blend BB Cream

BB cream is used for different reasons, from hydrating skin to concealing any blemishes. You should choose BB cream for dark skin to moisturize the face and give a natural glow.

Nowadays, men are also applying makeup to enhance their looks. If you are a man, applying BB cream which matches the dark tone will be the best option to get an appealing look. There won’t be any need to apply makeup products.

Pick the Right Concealer

You should pick a concealer of the right shade so that it easily blends in the skin and hides blemishes and pigmentation. Yellow-orange or reddish concealer works best for dark skin. These concealers are used to hide dark circles and acne scars.

Generally, people select concealer and foundation of almost the same shade. Use a brush or cotton to apply the concealer effectively. You need to ensure it blends properly by moving the brush in a circular motion.

Choose Powders

You should use a setting powder for dark skin. Avoid getting setting powders that are white or translucent since they can give you an ashy look. Since your skin is dark, choosing a yellow setting powder will give the most flattering look.


We hope you now understand the best way to apply makeup on dark skin tone. You should always pick a product that matches the skin tone instead of providing an unnatural look. Choose concealer which hides any blemishes or lines on the face.