Let Your Fingers Look Fancy with These Avant Garde Nail Art

As per the dictionary avant garde is defined as new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them. It is commonly used in the fashion industry to describe forward-looking outfit and recently, the word is also being used in nail art industry. Razzy nails is synonymous to avant garde and though the name may sound complicated, creating an avant garde nail art is not that hard.

avant garde nails

With so many inventive and gorgeous ways to fancy up your nails, choosing the right nail design can be a tricky task. So before you lose your mind picking the right nail art to make your claws look like a million-dollar hand, we have cherry-picked the best nail art that you can sport this season.

1. Silver Metallic and Lustre Nail Design

Attending a party and can’t think of a nail art to sport? Well this one might be the perfect one for your discotheque getup. The amazing silver lustre color will give you a cyborg vibe and you will surely stand out in the scene without trying too hard.

2. Opalescent Voguish Nail Art

The name itself sounded very fashion-forward. This voguish and fashionable nail art trend will surely match your getup. The secret to achieving this look is to be creative with the shades and glittery effect of green and blue, or whatever color you want to use for that matter. Then top coat the base with gold Aztec design for that avant garde finish.

3. Tie-Dye with Sugar Effect Nail Art

Tie dye itself is a very beautiful nail art while the glamour of sugar effect cannot be dismissed too. If you are going to combine the two, then your nail will surely steal the show. In this look, you will be combining colorful nail with a silver one. It’s not your usual combination. Paint the three fingernails with a tie-dye effect of pink, purple and blue and the two remaining fingernails is silver with an tribal art on top and you are ready to glam up your OOTD.

4. Animal Print

Animal print has been used in fashion for as long as I can remember and this fabric design never goes out of style. Fortunately, it isn’t just for fashion. It can also be used for nails. If you can’t decide which print to go for, you can always wear each print on every nail. Don’t worry about looking to fabulous because multi-tonal nails is already a thing.

5. The Best of Both Worlds

They say that less is more, but when it comes to avant garde fashion, more is better. Addicted to stardust, glittery, and shiny nail arts? Why not wear everything at once? You may try the 3D effect, rainbow stardust designs, glass-flecked decors, or opal vibe finish. Just do this nail art at your own risk at there will be too much going-on on your nails so make sure to be extra careful so as not to mess up the look before the party is over.