How to Use Dipping Powder to Create Beautiful, Innovative Nail Art

If you’ve found yourself bored with your traditional nail polish, it might be time to take a dip. Dipping powder is the latest trend in manicure artistry and can produce an amazing array of effects. And since dipping only requires one coat of paint instead of several like traditional polishing does, you can create more elaborate designs without spending hours on your nails! In this article, we will let you know how nail dipping powder works and how creative you can get with this product.

How to Use Dipping Powder to Create Beautiful Nail Art

How Does Nail Dipping Powder Work?

A nail dipping powder is a hybrid of the traditional nail polish and gel manicure. It combines the ease of application of a traditional nail lacquer with the durability of a gel-based manicure. Like a gel, the nail dipping powder stays on nails for a few weeks without chipping or smearing. It dries in mere minutes, unlike traditional lacquer which takes several minutes to dry.

What Designs You Can Create

With nail dipping powder, the possibilities to go creative are endless. Here are a few of the designs you can create using this product.

Leopard Dip Powder Nails

Start by painting your tips with matte brown and your base coat black, then add random spots of white throughout the rest of the nail. Once they’re dry, dip them in water to lighten up the black color and fill in each spot with different colored dipping powder to create leopard spots! You can try out OPI dip powder colors for this purpose to choose the color of your choice. It is a popular brand and will definitely give you the vibrancy you are looking for. Finally, seal it all off with a top coat to keep it glossy and beautiful.

3D Animal Print Dip Powder Nails

Take camo dip powder and apply it once over the tips of your nails, making sure to let it dry. Then, with a fine brush and black dipping powder paint on two big eyes for an adorable animal print accent. You can also use lighter colors like gold or purple for the inside of the ears if you’d like it to be more colorful!

Galaxy Dip Powder Nails

Start by painting your nails with a white base coat, then using a metallic silver polish apply three coats on top of that to make them shiny and reflective. When they’re dry, take the same metallic silver polish and a brush to draw in a galaxy pattern on top of your nails. Then, using a fine brush and black dipping powder, paint in large circles around the metallic squares for an abstract effect that will have everyone asking if you really did them yourself!

Dipping Powder Nails with Gems

This last one might be tough for beginners, but can still provide enough inspiration that even experienced artists will want to give it a try! Start by painting your nails in white or another light color as usual, then take dark blue dipping powder and brush it onto your nails. Next, put on some light blue gems for the spots near your cuticles, and while they’re still wet take gold glitter dipping powder and paint over top of them! You can also add some gold star stickers or any other 3D decoration you like to make this design really stand out.

The Best Brands of Dipping Powder

After giving you all these design ideas, it is very important to let you know about the best brands of dipping powder. Here are a few of them.

The first one is LDS dipping powder. It is one of the cheapest brands on the market, making it great for those who want to quickly change their nails color often without spending too much money. I recommend this brand if you’re just starting out and want to try dipping powders, or if you prefer quick-drying products with a low price tag.

Next comes the Kiara sky. Kiara sky dipping powder is one of the best-selling dipping powders on the market. Its advantage lies in its rich colors, beautiful patterns, and reasonable prices. Because of its good quality, Kiara sky dipping powder has been favored by lots of customers.

Another famous brand is the SNS dipping powder. This is so far the best, and personal favorite brand of a lot of experts. This powder doesn’t contain toxins like other powders do and also contains anti-fungal properties to keep your nails fungus-free. It is made with hydrolyzed protein which helps strengthen and condition your nails as well as soybean oil which offers vitamins A, C, E & K. The SNS dip powder colors come in more than 70 different options so there are plenty to choose from!

There are many other brands available in the market to suit your needs. Here I have mentioned the top 3, best-selling brands. You can try one of these and create amazing designs.


Nail dip powder is a relatively new innovation in the nail art industry, and it offers some unique opportunities for creative expression. This article has shown you how to do a few basic designs with dip powder, but there are limitless possibilities for creativity. Be sure to experiment with different colors and designs to find what works best for you. Have fun with this exciting new trend in nail art!