How to Make a Child Interested to Softball?

In today’s digital age, more and more kids are being accustomed to using gadgets that playing outdoor sports no longer interest them. Many parents are finding it hard to convince their kids that playing outside is more fun and beneficial to them. On the other hand, other parents are also afraid of letting their children go outside thinking of the dangers it can bring to their child, but if the mentality is like this, how can you improve your child’s well-being?


Physical activity plays an important role in a child’s development and sports is one way to keep children healthy and happy at the same time. Here are some of the ways to make your kids interested in playing softball:

Lead by Example

This is the perfect example of practicing what you preach. A child would know if the parents are true to their words by looking at their actions, do not just tell your kids the benefits of playing the game, instead show them how it’s done and play together, this way they will surely get interested because they can see you doing it. A child also loves playing with their parents so it is also a good bonding moments for all of you.

Keep It Fun

No child wants to feel that something is a chore that needs to be done and if you will make them feel that playing softball is a responsibility, they will immediately avoid doing that. Kids learn the importance of sports by watching their parents participate in them and if you are having fun doing it, your kids will know that you are having fun. When teaching the game to your children, avoid putting too much pressure and instead keep it light by adding humour to keep their interest.

Watch the Game Together

Watching a game is one good way to bond as parent and child, it will not only capture their interest to the game but they will also look forward to spending time with you. Take your child to a softball game and show support to your favourite team, bring sports banners to make the child feel the excitement of cheering up to your team and sooner or later they will keep asking you to watch the game or even participate in the game.

Cheer for their success

When playing in the house together, make them feel like real players by getting them complete uniform and all the sports material in the game. This way they will have a feel of what a real player feels like in the field. You can also make the game fun by creating softball sports banner for them and make the cheering part more realistic and entertaining.

When a child feels that their parents support them, it would really keep them interested instead of just telling them how the game is done, it would be best to show them how to do it. Do not let your kids stay inside the house with their gadgets, make them interested in sports and allow them to explore the outside world.