Turn back the clock on your immune system with IGYIMMUNE!

IGYImmune contains Muno-IgY, a 100% natural set of protein IgY antibodies, extracted at a high purity with no residual egg. They begin to work immediately in the digestive system, by attaching themselves to unwanted viral and bacterial pathogens, Muno-IgY antibodies down-regulate excessive immune system workloads in the gut. By allowing an over-active immune system to function normally, the net result is often greater mental clarity and energy, less joint pain and other issues associated with immune health.


Directions for Use
Daily Health: 1-2
Moderate Stress: 2-3
High stress, immune challenges: 3-4

A University of North Texas (UNT) Dosing Study found that 25-30 mg per day of Muno-IgY had a 10-fold difference in the subjects ability to fight off an immune system attack when compared to placebo elicited a moderate response.



What to expect
1-7 days: Cleanse-like effect may occur. Some see immediate
benefits to recovery and energy, while others report these
findings in a few weeks.

30 days: Resilience to seasonal issues, less down time from
daily stress. Improved recovery times allow for harder

90 days: Those with autoimmune issues or chronic seasonal
challenges start to see real benefits.

1 year +: Long term benefits are constantly being reported,
but less down time, improved performance and focus are
but a few, not to mention lower costs for OTC and other
therapeutic remedies.


Muno-IgY is best taken on an empty stomach; split dosing is fine.

Muno-IgY is able to withstand the digestive PH of 3, it is recommended that Muno-IgY products be taken on an empty stomach when the PH is closer to 5.