How to Use OPI Gel Nail Polish?

You can achieve salon-quality manicured nails at home with just a few things: the OPI gel nail kit and your choice of OPI gel nail colors. You will need a base coat, your choice of OPI gel nail colors, a topcoat, and, of course, an LED lamp to cure your nails.

Before we dive into this brief guide for beginners, you will need to prepare your nails to apply the OPI gel nail colors. Surprise alert! With the help of an OPI gel nail polish kit and proper after-care, your OPI gel nail manicure can last from three weeks to over a month.

How to Use OPI Gel Nail Polish

The glossy finish of the manicure is long-lasting and doesn’t cause brittle nails. The color-removal process is smooth and uncomplicated, which allows you to change your nail colors as often as you want.

What are the Nail Prep Supplies?

For the preparing of your nails, such as cuticle removal and nail trimming, you will need some basic nail prep tools, such as nail clippers, a cuticle pusher, a cuticle remover (if needed), cuticle nippers, and a grit nail-file (240/ 320), that will take off the shine from your nails.

Prepping Your Nails

Make sure that your hands are clean before starting your manicure. Subsequently, shape and file the nails to your desired length and form. If you use your and a lot, like do chores, we recommend avoiding extra-long nails.

You can start with applying a cuticle remover and pushing back your cuticles with the cuticle pusher. Avoid soaking your hands in water, and make sure that your hands and nails are dry before prepping your nails. For the effective application of OPI gel colors, your nails need to be completely dry and free of oil and debris.

If you avoid this step of pushing back your cuticles, you will experience “lifting,” which should be avoided at all costs, especially if you want to achieve a salon-like manicure at home. After pushing back your cuticles, you will use the cuticle nippers and trim back excess dead skin. Avoid pushing your cuticles too much back as it can lead to infection.

Now take the grit file and buff the shine off the nails. This step is important to create the perfect canvas for the application of the OPI colors. The rough texture of the nails will allow the base coat of the OPI gel colors to stick to the nails better, which will lead to a long-lasting, glossy, OPI nail manicure.

Now you can use a manicure brush to reveal the oil-free rough texture of the nails. Use the cuticle pusher one last time and ensure that you have created the perfect canvas before applying the base coat of the OPI gel manicure.

What are the OPI Nail Gel Application Supplies?

Usually, your OPI gel nail polish kit will contain everything that you need for the perfect manicure. However, make sure that you have isopropyl alcohol, wipes (lint-free), base coat, OPI gel nail colors, top coat, cuticle oil, and hand cream.

Applying the Layers

Before applying the base coat, make sure your hands are free of dust and fibers that might get trapped underneath as you paint the different layers of an OPI gel manicure. Use the lint-free wipe and alcohol to wipe down every single nail very well – by doing so; you will dehydrate your nails and remove any left-over moisture/ oil from your nails.

Use a pH bonder and apply a very thin layer to your nails. While applying the base coat, it is recommended to shimmying your brush to cover every micro gap that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Be careful to wipe off the base coat or any other layer of the OPI gel nail colors that have come in contact with the skin area surrounding the nails before the curing process. This step is very important if you want to avoid a burning sensation later. While applying the base coat and subsequent layers, always ensure to cap the free edges of the nails.

Cure a total of 60 seconds before applying the colored coat. Apply a thin layer of the OPI olor and make sure to cap the edges before curing your nails. Since the topcoat is thicker than the base coat and the OPI color, make sure not to apply too much on the brush. As long as you cap the edges of your nails, your OPI gel manicure is all set to last long and cause no chipping or brittle nails.

After curing your nails, make sure to use a few drops of cuticle oil and moisturize your nails. Also, ensure to use your favorite hand crème for the perfectly soft and manicured hands.

Final Thoughts

The buy OPI gelcolor come in a variety of shades and hues. By following the steps mentioned above, you can get a salon-like manicure experience at home, which means fewer trips to the nail salon and saving on money without compromising on your nails. The gel nail colors allow a glossy finishing touch, which can last for more than three weeks with proper care.