Is Soft Gel and Hard Gel the Same?

Gel polish, soft gels, hard gels, gel manicure, and Shellac _all are loosely used for creating gel nails. However, if you’re getting gel nails without curing under UV or LED light, you’re being robbed. So, what exactly gel nails are? Is essential to know not getting an authentic gel nail treatment but also to ensure that you’ve invested in the right thing.

Is Soft Gel and Hard Gel the Same

Several products are claimed to be OPI gel nail polish colors, and all have a gel-like consistency and are all cured using LED or UV light, but they are not all made equal. Allow us to assist you in deciphering the gel terminology. To begin, they may be divided into two categories: soft gel and hard gel.

What Are Hard Gel Nails?

Hard gel is a nail enhancement that is applied to natural nails to strengthen and structure them. It is often applied using a brush, but your nail technician may apply it differently depending on the length, style, and form of your nails.

It can be either transparent or colored. It may also be used to make your nails longer. To break down it further, you can say that hard gel is acrylic except they need to be cured under UV light.

What Are Soft Gel Nails?

The invention of gel polish was such a discovery at the time. Where normal nail polish can last up to a day or two, gel nails dare to remain chip-free for at least 10 days or even more. It’s also interesting to mention that before applying gel paint to your nails, you should not soak or apply any oil-based product to them.

Soft nail gel is also known as a soak-off gel. Why? Because for removing gel nail polish, you’re required to soak off your natural nails in acetone. A minimum of 30 seconds are required for curing. If your UV lamp is taking more time for curing, then the time to change the UV bulb has approached. Besides that, gel nail polish is available in many colors to be wild with your nail creation.

How to Do Soft Gel Nails?

Before applying gel polish, a “dry manicure” is usually suggested. Because gel will not attach correctly to the nail, which means it will peel off prematurely. So, what’s the use of putting gel polish on nails if it will not last longer?

Gel polish application requires nail preparation. Each brand and manufacturer will have a recommended preparation technique that should be followed if you want to opt for the intended results. Usually, the general procedure includes the following steps. Trimming and shaping the nails, pressing back the cuticle, polishing the gloss off the nail, and nipping away any dead or loose hanging skin.

Once your nails are ready for gel paint, you can go for doing the gel. Shellac has become the proprietary name for doing soft gel nails. However, OPI gel nail polishes are also worth recommending as they perform significantly outstanding. You can buy OPI gel nail polish from any renowned drug store or online.

Rest assured, If you prefer a wet manicure or if your cuticles require extra attention, schedule it on a separate day than your gel paint application for better results.

Which Is Better? Soft Gel or Hard Gel

Everyone has his unique nail texture and pattern, and certain products will perform better for you than others. Nails can be either dry or oily and your lifestyle also plays a pivotal role in determining if a relative product and nail treatment meet your needs or not.

Every product has advantages and disadvantages, and a skilled nail technician may prescribe the best option for your nails and how you live and work. In the future, maybe we’ll come across hybrid products that are going to offer the beauty of dip nails, the longevity of gel nails, and the strength of acrylics.

Latest Gel Nail Trends

The good news about the fashion industry and nail industry is their ever-changing nature. The one nail trend that is the hype of today would become outdated on any day. Therefore, it’s critical to keep an eye on what’s new.

While seeing closely the nail art industry, you’ll notice that a quality and safe nail treatment, technique, and polish are going to be there forever.


It can be difficult to understand the world of nail treatments and supplies. So, after reading this write-up, I assume you have a somewhat better idea. If you’re still perplexed, no worries. Go for OPI gel nail colors without any further ado. The products are safe and do not harm nails if done as prescribed.

Have a nice day!