Tips to Make Your Nails Unique: How to Get a Different Nail Look with Easy Hacks

Are you bored with the same look of your nails and want to do something different? Are you tired of spending a lot of money on manicures? I can totally feel you. Manicure can be very expensive and most of the time, you end up getting the same design bcz the other designs are too expensive for you. Well, here are some ideas for you so you can become creative with your nails and have fun with the new and unique looks.

Tips to Make Your Nails Unique

Easy Nail Polish Hacks

Learn Manicure from a Nail Technician

When you visit a nail salon, observe the nail technicians. See how they use the product and get the precision of application. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There is nothing wrong in being curious and asking how they are doing a particular thing. This way you will get the basic idea of how to get your nails done.

Mix and Match Different Colors

Mixing and matching the colors always gives something new and different. If you don’t know what design you can create,just go for colorful polka dots or stripes with different colors. You can look for different options in the SNS dipping powder colors chart and see what you can work with. You would definitely fall in love playing with all the fun colors.

Use Only a Small Amount of Product

When starting initially, do not dump the product on your nails or you will just end up with a mess. Always apply a small amount of product, let it dry and then check if you need another coat. Being minimalist is the best way to start a manicure.

Practice Designs on Fake Nails

As it is rightly said, practice makes a man perfect. So is it for nail designing. You cannot get cool nail designs until and unless you have done a lot of practice. Buy a bunch of fake nails to practice on. You can buy the Nugenesis dip powder kit for getting started as it has the complete set of products. After getting the hang of the process, you can try it on real nails and you’ll see how amazing it will turn out.

Look for Videos Online

Online research can help you find treasures when it comes to hacks and tricks. You can look for nail videos on TikTok or Instagram. They are not only helpful for a newbie but also extremely satisfying to watch. I sometimes spend hours watching these videos. You can do that too in your free time and get amazing ideas.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Without tools, you can not even think of getting a nail design. So, make sure you grab the right tools required for manicure. You can simply buy these online or go to a local shop where you can find a complete kit of tools at an affordable price. They don’t have to be expensive, they should be just able to do the job. That’s all you need.

Have Fun with What You Are Doing

If you do something with fun and creativity, it becomes much more interesting. Make your friends a part of it and enjoy creating cute designs on each other’s nails. It can be a great activity for a girl’s night.


So, what do you think? Did you get a headstart for doing your own manicure? Trust me it is not a difficult process at all. You just need to be creative and know the tricks to handle the product and here you go, you have your fun nails ready. With the tips given in the article, I am sure you will give manicure-ing a try!