The Best Top and Base Coats for Your Nails

Your manicure, no matter how beautiful will eventually chip especially if you don’t use a good type of coats. Unless you have used acrylic or gel-based formulations to coat your nails then you can avoid that from happening. But that doesn’t mean that your nails will be spared from the hassle of being chipped. Your mani and pedi can still look good after a week or two if you use the right top and base coat as well as do the proper maintenance.

Top and Base Coats SNS

Here are some of the standout top and base coats that will ensure your tips look as good as can be, for as long as you need.

1. OPI Liquids

If you want your polish to not go anywhere, then OPI products will work for you. This product ensures that your nails won’t go anywhere because their formulation provides a sticky base for any lacquer to cling to. The clear formula may seem light as air, but when your colour lasts a whole week without chipping, you’ll fall in love too! If you will get wholesale nail supplies from DTK Nail Supply, you can get huge discounts and the best offers.

2. Nugenesis Liquids

The base coats of nugenesis liquids will fill in the ridges of your nail bed like spackle giving a good and smooth canvas to work with. If you want to get rid of ridges, uneven nails and if you want your polish to stick order your own nail beauty supply online today and get huge discounts!

3. SNS Liquids

With the staying power of five to seven days, sns nails claim that the only way to remove your polish is to remove it yourself. SNS has yet to be the fast-drying, longest lasting top and base coat in the market and many manicurists has proclaimed that fact. You can get yours now from DTK Nail Supply and avail huge discounts if you get wholesale nail supplies.

Few Maintenance Tips for your nails:

1. Never Ever Wash the Dishes Without Gloves

The harsh ingredients of dishwashing liquid and detergent will chip and wreck your nails and the same thing goes with household cleaning detergents so if you want your nail polish to last long, keep good gloves handy and your nail polish will surely go a long way.

2. Apply Cuticle Regularly

When I say regularly, that means every day or every evening. Applying cuticle on top of your polish will keep your tips hydrated and stop polishing from flaking off. Massage a drop or two into your cuticles and over your nail bed.

3. Paint over the Chip

Whether you like it or not, no matter how careful you work your nail polish will chip, but fret not because the solution for that is to paint over it with the same colour polish. You’ll get a few extra days of wear without swapping in a brand new shade.