The 6 Best Star Nail Designs

The modern polish systems are well known for their exquisite and unique results. When you visit the usual wholesale nail supplies store, make sure that you go for the product to give results that you are comfortable with. It does not matter if you prefer acrylics, gels, or dipping powder systems. All you need to know is that there are some star nail designs that you should not miss.

Top Star Nail Designs

Bejeweled Star Nails

Bejeweled nails are some of the best nail designs in the beauty industry. They give you the sparkle that you desire and the chicest look. They are made so that the traditional nude mani is improved to provide the middle of the fingers an oversized look that gives them a unique drama. You get this effect by spreading the glittering orb beyond the nail tips. For maximum brilliance, large jewels are then applied on top. (more…)

Celebrate Your Soccer Team with Sports Banners

Have you thought of why there are banners at every soccer match? Do you know soccer team banners are an effective communication and advertisement tool? If you have never heard of sports banners, well, now you know. The use of banners in sports has been in existence for a long while, and the concept of banners just became more interesting with the advancement in technology and new methods.

Team banners soccer are a tool used to celebrate your soccer team and encourage team spirit. These banners are custom made, that is, they are made specifically for your sports team using online tools or other means available. You can also decide to create beautiful banners for your soccer team by following a few DIY tips and procedures. In all, sports banners are a must-have for your sports team.

What do sports banners do?

Sports Team banners present you with an affordable, fun, and exciting way to celebrate and encourage your favorite team.

Do you know your senior school team and college soccer crew also need a sports banner? Nobody gets left out in fun. These banners are ideal for all kinds of groups. Don’t miss an opportunity to display one of these at your team field and cheer for your team. Remember that sports banners serve for all kinds of sports, from soccer, baseball, volleyball to e-sports gaming, and lots more. However, our emphasis is on soccer team banners. (more…)

Everything That You Should Know About Blackhead Removal

No one wants his or her face with blackheads. You may have watched tones of videos about removing the blackheads by breaking them. However, only the professional push is not practiced when it is tried inside our homes. Do you know that you can treat the blackheads at your own house safely without causing any pain? Before we begin to discuss the topic further, we need to know a few essential things about blackheads and pimples.


Do You Get Pimples from Blackheads?

A blackhead on your skin occurs due to the accumulation of the white sebum produced by the sweat or secretory glands. They cause the blocks in the pores of your skin. You may find it occurring mostly on the T zone area of your face.

Mostly blackheads do not cause any pain. However, if you tend to break them, it might result in a pimple. You may use blackhead remover vacuums for safe suction. It deeply cleanses the clogged pores.

How Can You Remove Blackheads?

According to the dermatologists, it is always recommended to take special care of your skin routine. The following ingredients should be included while you are purchasing any skin product especially to eradicate the blackheads.


How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common condition of scalp that is faced by many people in which there is irritation on skin and it starts to flake off. It is caused mainly by production of too much oil on the scalp. Due to this excessive oil production, skin cells build up and eventually shed. The causes may be different in male and female. Having knowledge of the right cause will help you find the appropriate products such as anti dandruff shampoo for men or women.

anti dandruff shampoo for men

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is caused when the scalp has too little moisture or is severely dehydrated. This dryness could be observed on other parts of the body such as legs or feet.

Dry scalp could also be due to environmental factors such as cold air, chemical exposure or dust.

Skin conditions such as contact dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis can also cause dryness and dandruff.

These conditions lead to the formation of oily, reddish scales which flake off causing dandruff.

Age, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors and emotional stress may also be cause dandruff.

Growth of the fungus malassezia also causes dandruff. It grows on the scalp and causes the skin cells to multiply rapidly. (more…)

Let Your Fingers Look Fancy with These Avant Garde Nail Art

As per the dictionary avant garde is defined as new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them. It is commonly used in the fashion industry to describe forward-looking outfit and recently, the word is also being used in nail art industry. Razzy nails is synonymous to avant garde and though the name may sound complicated, creating an avant garde nail art is not that hard.

avant garde nails

With so many inventive and gorgeous ways to fancy up your nails, choosing the right nail design can be a tricky task. So before you lose your mind picking the right nail art to make your claws look like a million-dollar hand, we have cherry-picked the best nail art that you can sport this season.


The Best Top and Base Coats for Your Nails

Your manicure, no matter how beautiful will eventually chip especially if you don’t use a good type of coats. Unless you have used acrylic or gel-based formulations to coat your nails then you can avoid that from happening. But that doesn’t mean that your nails will be spared from the hassle of being chipped. Your mani and pedi can still look good after a week or two if you use the right top and base coat as well as do the proper maintenance.

Top and Base Coats SNS

Here are some of the standout top and base coats that will ensure your tips look as good as can be, for as long as you need.

1. OPI Liquids

If you want your polish to not go anywhere, then OPI products will work for you. This product ensures that your nails won’t go anywhere because their formulation provides a sticky base for any lacquer to cling to. The clear formula may seem light as air, but when your colour lasts a whole week without chipping, you’ll fall in love too! If you will get wholesale nail supplies from DTK Nail Supply, you can get huge discounts and the best offers. (more…)

How to Make a Child Interested to Softball?

In today’s digital age, more and more kids are being accustomed to using gadgets that playing outdoor sports no longer interest them. Many parents are finding it hard to convince their kids that playing outside is more fun and beneficial to them. On the other hand, other parents are also afraid of letting their children go outside thinking of the dangers it can bring to their child, but if the mentality is like this, how can you improve your child’s well-being?


Physical activity plays an important role in a child’s development and sports is one way to keep children healthy and happy at the same time. Here are some of the ways to make your kids interested in playing softball:

Lead by Example

This is the perfect example of practicing what you preach. A child would know if the parents are true to their words by looking at their actions, do not just tell your kids the benefits of playing the game, instead show them how it’s done and play together, this way they will surely get interested because they can see you doing it. A child also loves playing with their parents so it is also a good bonding moments for all of you.

Keep It Fun

No child wants to feel that something is a chore that needs to be done and if you will make them feel that playing softball is a responsibility, they will immediately avoid doing that. Kids learn the importance of sports by watching their parents participate in them and if you are having fun doing it, your kids will know that you are having fun. When teaching the game to your children, avoid putting too much pressure and instead keep it light by adding humour to keep their interest.

Watch the Game Together

Watching a game is one good way to bond as parent and child, it will not only capture their interest to the game but they will also look forward to spending time with you. Take your child to a softball game and show support to your favourite team, bring sports banners to make the child feel the excitement of cheering up to your team and sooner or later they will keep asking you to watch the game or even participate in the game. (more…)

7 Ways to Naturally Improve your Heart Health

In honor of National Heart Health month, and Valentines Day, here are 7 ways to naturally protect your heart, reduce overall inflammation and live a longer, healthier life!

1) Eat more fruits and veggies

Instead of eating processed carbohydrates, add some healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet (did someone say antioxidants?)

2) Embrace healthy fats

This may seem counter intuitive, but you need to eat fat to lower cholesterol, body inflammation and help your heart! Healthy fats nourish, lubricate, and coat the little cuts to repair blood vessels and decrease internal inflammation. Aim for a healthy fat source at each meal! Steer clear of “fat-free” products!

Healthy fat ideas: nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, butter, olive oil

3) Ditch body inflammation

Keep your gut healthy, get checked for food allergies, prevent chronic infections, and reduce toxins in home products as much as possible. Your gut holds 60-70% of your immune keeping this healthy is a good idea! Read this post for more info

Reduce inflammation with this great supplement and order here (registration code:HF636)

4) Eat balanced meals (protein, fats and carbohydrates)

Aim for a healthy protein, carb and fat at each meal. This will not only balance your brain to prevent cravings, but will also help your metabolism (and heart) to keep pumping!

5) Take a chill pill

Remove stress from your life as much as you can. Did you know stress increases your blood pressure, causes damage to your arteries, causes irregular heart rhthms and weakens your immune system? YIKES! Be kind to your heart by taking a few min each day to practice stress management.

Some things that may work for you: yoga, journaling, deep breathing, prayer, meditation, walking, walking to a friend, stepping outside for a few minutes…

6) Supplement your heart

– Probiotics (at least 15 billion live organisms)

– L-Glutamine

-Fish Oil

-Vitamin D



-CoQ10: a heart protective antioxidant that produces energy for every cell in our body. The heart contains the highest amount of CoQ10, and statin drugs deplete your body of this important antioxidant. If you’re taking  a statin–at minimum supplement with [email protected]

All of these will help heal any existing inflammation. All of these supplements heal inflammation by healing your gut first.

Order Pharmaceutical grade supplements here

7) Get your heart pumpin’!

This doesn’t mean running a marathon or participating in an Ironman training program. However, doing something each day to stay active is great for your heart, metabolism, mood, and even stress level. Research shows it may even be better for your heart to do shorter, more efficient workouts such as interval training, HIIT training, Crossfit, or bootcamp.

Kombucha- How to Brew

If you havent read my post on why you should drink kombucha…start here! Do you love Kombucha, but yet do not want to spend $4 a bottle at the store? Read below for Kombucha- How to Brew right in the comfort of your own home! I have been brewing my own Kombucha at home for a few months now, and not only is it more cost effective…its actually easy! Kombucha is a fermented tea that has actually been around for centuries. Kombucha is high in B-vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, and glucaric acid. Kombucha also helps with:

  • liver detoxification
  • improved pancreas function (say no to diabetes!)
  • increased energy (who doesn’t need more energy?)
  • better digestion (everyone needs this too!)
  • alleviation of anxiety and depression (Wahoo!)
  • kills yeast overgrowth
  • helps nutrient absorption and transportation

I thought Kombucha had sugar added to it, should I avoid it?

No! Although Kombucha is brewed from sweetened tea, most of the sugar ferments out, so it has minimal effect on blood sugar. It can be made with caffeinated or decaf tea, and even with green tea or herbal teas (I usually use black tea). The Kombucha is brewed with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Yeast and Bacteria) that “eats” the sugars in the sweetened tea and creates an acidic, vitamin and probiotic rich beverage (Sounds great, right?!).

Where Do I Get a SCOBY?

  • From someone you know who already has one brewing; each time you make a batch you get a fresh new SCOBY (Fort Worth friends you are in luck!)
  • Online source. Be careful and make sure it is a reputable source! I like these

10 Reasons To Yoga Upside Down

Turn your frown upside down with a yoga inversion!

I will start by saying that I LOVE yoga. If I could practice at my studio every day I would. Sometimes I do it at home, if I cannot make it but I wanted to share with you 10 of the health benefits of yoga inversions (or going upside down).

What do you mean upside down anyways?

Any pose that places the hips above the heart and the heart above the head is considered an inversion. So technically downward dog could count!

Here are 10 Reasons you yoga upside down and add yoga to your daily workout routine:

10 Reasons to Yoga Upside Down:

  1. Fresh Glow: While you are upside down, nutrients and oxygen are flushed to the face–creating that healthy glow. You’ll look like you just walked out of spa day…but for a much cheaper price!
  2. Brain Booster: a headstand increases the blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive functioning. It also stimulates the glands in charge of sleep cycles, digestion, reproductive hormones and more!
  3. Confidence: I mean, who doesn’t feel good when they are upside down?
  4. Body Strengthening: You will put your shoulders, upper back, core and legs to work while in an inversion. To hold your handstand your abs, legs, and obliques will be contacted the entire time!
  5. Good-bye Grays! Did you know that increased blood flow to your brain can prevent gray hairs (mom, are you reading this?)
  6. Adrenal Support: Adrenal glands are flushed when you are upside down. Not only will you have a better outlook on life, but your headstand/handstand could improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress! You’ll also flush a healthy dose of hormones into your body which= more energy!
  7. Get your digestion going: Being upside down stimulates digestive juices and keeps everything moving as it should. Inversions also stimulate the endocrine gland which regulates metabolism and turns food into available energy!
  8. Reduce Edema: Stimulating lymph and blood flow can help reduce swelling in your legs, ankles and feet. If you walk all day, you may consider an inversion when you get home to help reduce the swelling in your legs!
  9. Mindfulness: Practicing yoga inversions will help you to learn to be in the moment, listen to your body, block out “outside noise” and focus on one thing at a time.
  10. New Party Trick: Be the “coolest kid on the block” when you bust out this talent at your next social event! Promise, it works..